Old Fashioned with cherry and orange peel garnish
Mix Up Your Evenings With An Iced Coffee And Old-Fashioned Combination
The Old Fashioned has inspired other cocktails like the Manhattan, the Whiskey Sour, and the Sazerac, but if you want a new cocktail experience DIY-style, try adding coffee.
While a traditional Old Fashioned combines whiskey, sugar, and bitters with a citrus peel for garnish, an iced coffee variation combines cold brew, rye whiskey, and orange bitters.
For a sweeter, more layered cocktail, try adding chilled espresso and crème de cacao for a hint of chocolatey sweetness, or opt for an infused liquor like peanut butter whiskey.
If sweet isn’t your style try, using a smoked maple bourbon and garnish with star anise or clove, or to depart from whiskey entirely, try Mr. Black cold brew coffee liqueur.
Simply combine your coffee and liquor of choice in equal parts, along with a dash of bitters and simple syrup. Stir or shake your iced coffee Old Fashioned before serving.