Tuna salad lettuce wraps and a fork in a serving plate on wooden table
Mix Canned Tuna With Cream Cheese For An Easy, Tangy Treat
Typically, people spruce up canned tuna with mayonnaise, vinegar, pickles, and celery in a classic tuna salad recipe. However, cream cheese can be an even more flavorful addition.
Cream cheese supplies the creaminess of mayonnaise and a hint of the tanginess of vinegar and pickles while providing a thick texture that soaks up the tuna's excess briny water.
Blending cream cheese with a can of drained tuna will revive the tuna's umami richness with a tangy, cheesy complement. It also helps add an extra layer of savoriness and acidity.
To successfully blend the two, the cream cheese should be at room temperature. Use a mechanical or hand whisk for an ultra-creamy and fluffy foundation for canned tuna.