Midnight martini on white background
Midnight Martinis Are A Darker Twist On The Espresso Classic
If you love espresso martinis, but wish they had a stronger alcoholic kick and more pure coffee flavor, the extra coffee-heavy midnight martini might be your dream drink.
An espresso martini uses plain vodka, espresso, and coffee liqueur such as Kahlúa, but a midnight martini uses only coffee- or espresso-infused vodka plus coffee liqueur.
The dark hue of the midnight martini may indeed remind you of a night sky. Another thing that sets it apart is its garnish of a lemon twist on the rim of the glass.
To make a midnight martini, the coffee vodka and coffee liqueur are simply shaken together in a
cocktail shaker with ice, stirred well, and strained into a martini glass.
Like any simple cocktail, this martini comes with plenty of variations. The very bold coffee flavor plays well with cinnamon, and some recipes include cinnamon syrup by default.
You can also top your martini with whipped cream, cinnamon, and/or cocoa powder, or add a citrusy simple syrup or orange bitters or peel in place of the lemon peel garnish.
If you can't find coffee- or espresso-flavored vodka, you can make a replacement by combining cold brew coffee or cold brew concentrate with vanilla or chocolate vodka.
As you might imagine, the midnight martini is an ideal cocktail for New Year's Eve, being swanky and elegant enough to impress guests while also keeping you up till midnight.