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Michael Symon's Tip For Shredding Pot Roast Without Being Deprived Of Juices
Pot roast is a classic dish that should always have juicy and flavorful meat and a rich broth or sauce. The problem is that these juices are often left behind on your plate.
Chef Michael Symon serves his pot roast in a way that doesn't waste any juices. He instructs to cook the meat until tender, then shred it while it's still in the cooking liquid.
Breaking up the meat allows each piece to absorb more juices. To soak up all that flavor, Symon serves the pot roast on top of creamy polenta that will catch the cooking liquid.
When reheating the pot roast, Symon suggests adding some stock to the meat to keep it moist and heating it on the stovetop instead of the microwave so it won't dry out.