Michael Symon giving demonstration
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Michael Symon's Knife Tip For Removing Tough Silver Skin From Pork
Chef and television personality Michael Symon isn't shy about sharing what he knows about selecting and preparing top-tier meats. When it comes to removing tough silver skin found on various cuts of pork, like at the ends of the loin and tenderloin, Symon has a trick that excises the unwanted while leaving the meat intact.
In a video on the Food Network's YouTube channel, Symon advises carefully sliding a sharp blade under the silver skin without cutting too deep into the underlying meat. He then slowly cuts as he angles the blade up and away from the meat, allowing the two to almost seamlessly separate before the silver skin is discarded.
Removing the skin from rib cuts requires a slightly different method, which Symon demonstrates in another Food Network YouTube video. With the bones of the ribs facing up, Symon suggests taking a thick kitchen towel (important for gripping the slippery silver skin), finding the end point, and simply pulling the tissue off in one piece.