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Michael Symon's Go-To Product For A Spotless Dutch Oven
If you've recently acquired a brand-new trophy of domesticity in the form of a Dutch oven, you know that there's nothing more heartbreaking than seeing it become marked and spotted. There is, however, one industry secret, revealed by Michael Symon, to cleaning a Dutch oven.
He recommends a deceptively simple cleaning product called Bar Keeper's Friend for cleaning enamel Dutch ovens. It's an amazingly affordable and easy-to-find powder cleanser with all-natural plant-based acid ingredients that are uber-efficient for removing almost everything. 
Per the Bar Keeper's Friend website, the product is only to be used on enameled cookware and not on classic cast iron. They recommend testing the cleaning product on a small part of your Dutch oven, and only with a non-abrasive sponge; just be sure not to rub your eyes after cleaning.