Cosmopolitan cocktail in classic crystal glasses with lime peel and fresh limes with strainer on black table background.
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Metropolitan Vs. Cosmopolitan Cocktails: What's The Difference?
Merriam-Webster says that "cosmopolitan" means "having wide international sophistication," and a "metropolitan" is a person who lives in a major city. Naturally, the cosmopolitan and metropolitan cocktails named after these words are considered modern, sophisticated, and classy, but there are differences between the two.
The cosmopolitan is a combo of vodka (or citron/citrus vodka), triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice shaken over a generous amount of ice and served in a martini glass with an orange peel. Some say vodka brand Absolut invented the pink drink to appeal to women, and while the metropolitan has a similar hue, it's made differently.
The metropolitan we're talking about (not the brandy cocktail of the same name) has a vodka base paired with cranberry, orange liqueur, and lime juice, but uses black currant vodka instead of citrus. The cocktail's color is a little darker than the blush hue of the cosmo, giving it more of a magenta-violet color and less citrusy flavor.