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Menemen: The Turkish Scrambled Eggs That Will Spice Up Your Breakfast
Menemen is a popular Turkish dish made from eggs, peppers, tomatoes, and various spices, and it is often eaten for breakfast. The dish is similar to shakshuka — menemen’s Moroccan cousin — as both use the same ingredients; however, in shakshuka, the eggs are poached, while in menemen, they're whipped.
This beloved, hearty dish gets its name from the Turkish town of Menemen, a tiny market village located in north Izmir, Turkey, on the country's famed Aegean coast. Although little is known about the specific origins of menemen, Munchery credits its popularity to the surplus of fresh tomatoes Turkey produces during the Mediterranean summer.
Per The Mediterranean Dish, good quality green bell peppers, tomatoes, and extra-virgin olive oil are important in creating a delicious menemen. The ingredients list is full of various fresh veggies and spices, but adding onions, tuduk (a spiced beef sausage), pastirma (cured beef), minced lamb, and cheese is up to individual preferences.
After sautéeing the veggies and softening the tomatoes, the beaten eggs are incorporated in. Serious Eats says, "the key is to cook the eggs very gently, removing them from the heat well before they finish cooking so they can continue to cook on the way to the table," to keep the eggs moist and soft when they are served.