Stack of traditional Moroccan meloui pancakes topped with butter and tea glasses
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Meloui: Morocco's Unique Pancakes
What Are Malawi
Malawi, or meloui in singular form, are Moroccan pancakes, and the name is derived from the Moroccan Arabic term for “rolled.” Like the name hints, these pancakes are made with dough that is flattened, folded in layers like an accordion, and then rolled into a coil resulting in a simultaneously fluffy and flaky pancake.
Making Malawi
Malawi begin like any other pancake, but once the dough is formed, things get complicated. The dough is divided into pieces which are then flattened until virtually transparent, folded multiple times, and coiled into a circle. These are then left to rise before being flattened again and finally cooked until golden.
Malawi relies on a borderline excessive amount of butter and oil, making them best for an occasional treat, and although you can make them vegan by just using oil, most malawi contain dairy. Aside from butter and oil, the recipe calls for semolina flour, which helps give the pancakes their layered, pull-apart texture.
Malawi are are one of the most popular treats in Morocco, and they are traditionally served hot and fresh, usually during breakfast or tea time, with a butter-and-honey syrup. You can also top them with a fruity jam or for a savory version, you can opt for olives, eggs, or salami or stuff them with meat and cheese.