A dish of melktert
Melktert Is The Spiced Custard Pie That Dates Back Centuries
In South Africa, the pie of choice is called melktert. Spiced with cinnamon and served with a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth consistency, it's a local rendition with immediate appeal.
Melktert's appeal is in its light, airy consistency. Unlike other custard pies, the interior is creamy, without a rigid texture, though the exact viscosity depends on the recipe.
The pie's filling involves variable ratios of milk, flour, eggs, and butter. Butter is most important, as its flavor and rich consistency add robust character to the tart.
Cinnamon is frequently added for added flavor, along with vanilla extract and nutmeg. While it can be eaten as a pudding, a layer of dough underneath is a more common element.
Melktert's origins can be traced to Dutch colonizers who arrived in South Africa in the 1600s. They combined their local dairy production with pastry techniques.