Raw chicken and beef cuts spread out on a wooden board
Meats You Should Buy At Aldi And Others You Should Avoid
Buy: Ground Beef
Grass-fed ground beef at Aldi comes in 85% lean and 15% fat or 93% lean and 7% fat. Both options are cheaper than grass-fed ground beef at other stores.
The 85% lean option provides an even lower price, with more fat and more flavor. At Aldi, you don't have to opt for the conventional ground beef just to save some money.
Avoid: Chicken Breasts
Aldi's regular chicken breasts are a fantastic price per pound, but they lack in taste and quality and aren't ideal served alone as a main course.
It's also chewy and isn't as moist as higher quality chicken breasts. The chicken is also conventionally raised, so it may not be for those who prefer a more organic food.
Buy: Whole Chicken
Aldi's organic whole chicken is a winner for its flavor, quality, and versatility. You can also get multiple meals out of a purchase using various chicken parts.
After eating the meat, you can use the bones to make homemade, gut-friendly, and nutrient dense bone broth or even use them as base for soups.
Avoid: Hot Dogs
While being cheap, hot dogs at Aldi fall short, as its selection is limited to conventional brands that are a mix of mechanically separated chicken and pork.
It occasionally has organic uncured beef hot dogs, but the availability is hit or miss. You also don't have a ton of versatility with the types of meals you can make with hot dogs.
Buy: Frozen Tuna Steaks
Seafood, especially wild-caught, cost top dollar, but Aldi's tuna steaks are reasonably priced, likely because they're frozen and reduce shipping costs.
Each package has three to four tuna steaks, giving you a good value for this quality of seafood. It has deep pink to red color, signaling high quality, and tastes light and fresh.