Someone taking a bite from a McDonalds wrap
McDonald’s Hot Dog Snack Wrap Is Real, But Only In One Country
While McDonald's Snack Wraps were removed from the U.S. menus in 2016, they are still available in South Korea, where you can also find a version called the Sausage Snack Wrap.
Originally launched in 2022 as a limited-time item, the Sausage Snack Wrap swaps the usual chicken tender for a hot dog-style sausage. It made a comeback in December 2023.
In addition to the hot dog-style pork sausage, the South Korean Sausage Snack Wrap consists of bacon, lettuce, and a squirt of smoky bacon sauce rolled in a flour tortilla wrap.
According to the South Korean McDelivery website, it currently costs 3,900 won (the South Korean currency), which is just under $3 based on exchange rates in December 2023.