scoop up mayonnaise with a spoon isolated on white background
Mayo Is Your Secret Weapon For The Most Crisp Baked Salmon
When baked, mayonnaise can give fish more flavor, a moist interior, and a crispy exterior, making it the perfect ingredient to coat your baked salmon in.
During the cooking process, the water in the mayonnaise evaporates and leaves behind concentrated fats and proteins that coat the salmon, creating a crispy layer on the outside.
The rest of the mayo is absorbed by the salmon, giving it moisture and helping your go-to seasonings penetrate the meat, in the same way it does with fried chicken.
The trick is to use the right amount of mayonnaise, as too much can have the opposite effect. For a 2 to 3-pound salmon filet, you'll need about ½ cup of mayonnaise.
If you're using smaller cuts, 1 tablespoon for every 6-ounce filet should be enough. Be sure to use the full-fat mayonnaise, as the fats help achieve the enhanced flavor.