Basket of buttered bread rolls
Mashed Potatoes Are The Key To Dinner Rolls That Stay Soft And Fluffy
Mashed potatoes have a creamy, pillowy consistency and rich earthy flavor that makes them the ultimate upgrade for the softest, fluffiest dinner rolls.
You may be familiar with potato rolls, which use potato flour and wheat flour, but to get an even fluffier texture, swap mashed potatoes in for potato flour.
Using mashed potatoes and wheat flour ensures your dough has even more moisture, resulting in dinner rolls with a soft, fluffy crumb and subtle, earthy flavor.
Plus, the starch of the potatoes will ensure the rolls retain moisture for longer, extending their shelf life and keeping them soft and fluffy for days.
Simply add a cup of mashed potatoes or a freshly boiled potato to your dough. If you’re using seasoned mashed potatoes, taste as you go so you don’t over-season your dough.