Chickpeas draining aquafaba into jar
Mash Up Chickpeas For A Delectable Meat-Free Alternative To Tuna Salad
If you’re tired of tuna salad or looking for a vegetarian alternative, try using chickpeas as the base for a similar salad, creating a healthy, hearty, plant-based meal.
You have to mash the chickpeas, or they can be difficult to spread and balance on a piece of bread or crackers. Plus, mashing will help release some of their nutty flavor.
Give the chickpeas a coarse mash with a fork or a smoother mash in a food processor until they’re more easily spreadable. Then, you can get creative with your additions.
Tuna salad uses mayo (you can use a vegan alternative) and veggies like diced celery, pickles, and onions, which are good starting points for your chickpea salad.
If you want to closely emulate tuna salad, try adding some seaweed flakes to your chickpeas for an oceanic, briny flavor that recalls tuna.
Otherwise, you can go the nontraditional route and incorporate tahini, vinegar, lemon juice, or herbs like parsley, dill, coriander, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.