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Martha Stewart's Trick For Effortlessly Removing Lobster Tail Meat
Given the high price of lobster, most cooks want to make sure they get every last bit of tender, sweet meat out of the shell, especially from the claw and tail. Twisting the "thumb" of a cooked lobster's claw is a simple way to get to the good stuff, but removing the tail meat is a bit more complicated — luckily, Martha Stewart has a solution.
In a TikTok video demonstration, Stewart holds a lobster tail in one hand, and in the other, she holds a fork upside-down with the tines pointing at the meat. She maneuvers the fork under the shell, and with a bit of twisting and pulling on both the fork and the tail, Stewart successfully takes the meat out of the shell.
Other methods of removing lobster tail meat include cracking the tail open by pressing on it with both hands, using scissors to cut the shell down the middle, or simply using a sharp knife the old-fashioned way. If these methods sound risky to you, or you don't have kitchen shears or a really sharp knife, Stewart’s fork twist does the trick.