Overhead of a bowl of whipped cream
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Martha Stewart’s Tip For Longer-Lasting Whipped Cream
Whipped cream is delicate and prone to losing its shape or even melting, but Martha Stewart has a tip to make this classic topping last longer. To ensure those beautiful creamy peaks don’t melt into a puddle before you serve dessert, try Stewart's method for stabilizing whipped cream using a unique ingredient.
To keep whipped cream fluffy and light as air, Martha Stewart tells Food & Wine that she adds sweetened quince syrup to her batches. Quince is a pear-like fruit that needs to be cooked or poached before it's eaten, and this will yield a thick pectin-rich syrup that will make your whipped cream stay stable for longer.
The quince syrup may impart a delicate fruity or floral hint to your topping, so taste the final product first to see if it will suit your dessert. A thick syrup made of nothing but sugar can also stabilize your whipped cream, and a bit of gelatin will also do the trick, but Stewart prefers to go the extra mile for her special desserts.