Chocolate souffle, macro, shallow focus.
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Martha Stewart’s Technique For Properly Eating A Soufflé
Soufflé is a light, airy, dish made of whipped egg whites combined with a base that may be sweet or savory, then baked in the oven so it rises. If you manage to pull off a notoriously finicky dessert soufflé, it's tempting to dive right in, but Martha Stewart herself has a way of eating this treat that makes it even more special.
Stewart shared her ideal way to indulge in soufflé on TikTok, demonstrating with one served by Polo Lounge. First, she makes a small well in the middle of the dessert with her spoon, then takes crème anglaise, a rich vanilla dessert sauce, and drizzles it into the hole, before finally spooning some whipped cream over the soufflé.
Soufflés may be served with sauces or syrup on top, but this method allows the crème anglaise to disperse throughout the soufflé, while the whipped cream on top adds a boost of fluffy richness. When you order or bake your next chocolate or vanilla soufflé, make Martha proud by adding some whipped cream and créme anglaise.