Martha Stewart smiling with her hand on a table
Martha Stewart's Suggestion For Bringing A Dinner Party Gift
If you’ve been invited to a dinner party, take some advice from lifestyle guru Martha Stewart on what to bring along to show your appreciation to the host.
Stewart has many practical tips for guests wondering what to bring, and insists that guests “must take a gift” even if the host says that they don't need anything.
While wine, dessert, or extra chips will be appreciated, Stewart advises to think outside the box and take a more long-lasting candle, flower bouquet, craft soaps, or potted plant.
Stewart also suggests gifts that can add some extra entertainment to the night, like a coffee table book, card deck, or party game to add flair after dinner is over.
Other ideas include cocktail accessories, holiday décor, gift baskets, artisanal cutting boards, or serving platters that can be used again and again by the host.