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Martha Stewart’s Rule For Cooking Lobster
Whether you enjoy it plain with some butter, as a lobster roll, or made into lobster newburg, lobster is the obvious way to go if you’re craving seafood. While you can find lobster at any seafood restaurant, making it at home can surprisingly be the more effective option.
Cooking lobster in boiling water, as even inexperienced chefs know, may seem simple at first, until the water gets over seasoned. You can try New England Today’s method of adding two or three tablespoons of seasoning per gallon of water, or you can take it from Martha Stewart and use a combination of water and either vodka or tequila.
When the alcohol evaporates during cooking, it leaves behind a more robust flavor, and for lobster in particular, it adds another layer of sweet and salty flavor to the meat. To avoid overcooking, Stewart says, "If it's a pound and a quarter fresh from the sea, that's about 13 minutes, up to 18 minutes of cooking."