Martha Stewart's Preferred Method Of Serving Desserts At Dinner Parties
While some might think that Martha Stewart brings out elegantly-plated cake slices or bowls of ice cream to the dinner table, she actually prefers buffet-style dessert displays.
Rather than serving one dessert at a dinner party, Stewart recommends giving guests options. Those with dietary restrictions won’t be disappointed with the last dish of the night.
With a buffet, guests can choose which sweets they want and how much. While asking the host for a third slice of pie may be awkward, it's perfectly fine at a dessert table.
To create a great dessert buffet, choose various items that span different flavors, sizes, and sugar levels, also using what you know about your guests’ preferences.
Include cakes or pies as centerpieces, and to go all-out, choose one that is chocolate-based, another that is fruitier, and perhaps a third that is light and airy.
Surround the centerpieces with medium-sized treats, such as cupcakes, brownies, tarts, pudding cups, or donuts. These aren't as big of a commitment as a whole cake slice.
To round out the selection, include bite-size snacks with different textures and flavors, such as cake pops, macarons, flan, cookies, popcorn, or chocolate-dipped fruits.