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Martha Stewart's Go-To Turkey Cooking Method For Thanksgiving
Martha Stewart has remarked that she's likely cooked over a thousand turkeys in her lifetime, telling Food & Wine that "everyone loves it," so she's happy to return to the classic entree every holiday season. She also favors a certain preparation and cooking method to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.
Stewart’s favorite technique is spatchcocking, or removing the turkey's backbone and pressing down on the bird, allowing it to lie flat and cook evenly in the oven. Plays Well with Butter instructs to snip out the backbone, crack the chest bone, then butterfly the turkey and season with butter, garlic, rosemary, and thyme.
Stewart says that she typically cooks her spatchcocked turkey for about an hour and a half, and cooks her stuffing underneath the bird. Her method is quicker compared to traditional whole turkeys, which can take three to four hours to roast, and she also notes that spatchcocked turkey is easier to carve.