A lemondrop cocktail
Martha Stewart's Favorite Cocktail Features A Citrus Zing And Top Shelf Vodka
Martha Stewart is a big fan of the classic lemon drop martini. Since this cocktail has her seal of approval, her version uses a Meyer lemon and her go-to Polish vodka, Belvedere.
Belvedere vodka is smooth and has a clean smell and a peppery heat that contrasts the citrus while also seamlessly complementing the lemon flavor.
According to Today, Stewart creates her lemon drop with top-shelf Polish vodka, orange-flavored Cointreau, the juice of a Meyer lemon, and lemon-flavored simple syrup.
Meyer lemons work so well in this martini because they are naturally sweeter than other lemons, likely being a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon.
It's no wonder why Stewart enjoys this tangy variety in her lemon drop. They're less acidic than regular lemons and can balance the acidic and sugary ingredients in any cocktail.