Martha Stewart in white smiling
Martha Stewart's Cranberry Butter Is Only 2 Simple Ingredients
If you have leftover cranberry sauce from the holidays, Martha Stewart has a tasty solution: cranberry butter. You’ll need unsalted butter, cranberry sauce, and a food processor.
Combine three sticks of room-temperature unsalted butter and 1 ½ cups of cranberry sauce and pulse in the food processor until smooth.
The ratio is ½ cup of cranberry sauce per one stick of butter. Stewart suggests putting this tart and creamy butter in decorative bowls to serve as the table’s showpiece.
Stewart recommends using cranberry butter for muffins and cornbread. The tartness of the butter compliments the savoriness of cornbread.
This tartness also pairs nicely with the sweetness of chocolate chip muffins. Other good pairings include slices of French bread, sourdough, or focaccia bread.