Martha Stewart smiling and holding up a glass of wine
Martha Stewart’s Cocoa Powder Tip For Top-Notch Chocolate Cake
In a 1999 episode of "Martha Stewart Living," Stewart shared her universal secret for upgrading any chocolate cake: Dusting the pan with cocoa powder before pouring the batter.
Stewart revealed this tip while making her Ultimate Chocolate Cake. It will help you effortlessly remove your cake from the pan after it bakes and add an extra layer of richness.
Per her recipe, Stewart's method is to first line the pan with parchment paper, butter the parchment, and finish off with a dusting of cocoa powder (be sure to tap out any excess).
Greasing and dusting a cake pan is a common way to prevent the cake from sticking. By using cocoa powder instead of flour, you avoid a dry crust and residual white splotches.