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Martha Stewart's Clever Way To Prevent Soggy Waffles
When we order waffles at a restaurant or make them at home, we definitely want a crisp outer crust, so it can be pretty disappointing when waffles come out soggy and limp. Luckily, celebrity chef Martha Stewart has an easy trick to help keep this dampness at bay, even when cooking many waffles one after the other.
On TikTok, Stewart told viewers that after removing waffles from a waffle iron, you should toss them back and forth between your hands to allow excess steam to escape. Steam and moisture is the enemy of crisp foods, so this practice will also keep the edges of your waffles crunchy, but be sure to wear gloves to avoid burning yourself.
Stewart adds that if you're making waffles ahead of time, tossing the waffles back and forth will not only get rid of that steam, but it will also ensure they taste fresh when you reheat them. It’s also a handy tip if you plan to freeze your waffles — just put them in a freezer-safe container in a single layer after tossing them around.