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Martha Stewart's 11 Tips For Making Soup
Incorporate Roux
Martha Stewart's trick for thicker, heartier tomato soup is to prepare a roux before adding the tomatoes, which thickens the soup without making it heavy.
Either make the roux in a separate pot and add it to your tomato soup as you would with cream or create it with some onions and garlic before adding any of the other ingredients.
Add Pesto To Minestrone
To make minestrone even better, take Stewart's tip and add good, fresh pesto from the grocery store, or you can make the pesto yourself.
When the minestrone is done, add a few spoonfuls of pesto. For best results, avoid stirring it in completely and instead leave a few swirls here and there.
Caramelize The Onions
Martha Stewart reminds us that in French onion soup, it's important to caramelize those onions, so they take on additional sweetness and more depth of flavor.
Getting this trick right takes time and patience. Caramelizing onions could take up to an hour, and you'll need to watch over them as they cook so they don't burn.
Asparagus Soup
To make asparagus soup shine, take a tip from Stewart and add some leeks and shallots, which provide a welcomed sweetness to the dish.
Leeks and shallots tend to be milder than onions, providing that signature oniony bite without the spiciness. Just be sure to saute and soften them early in the cooking process.
Save Vegetable Scraps
Save vegetable scraps from all your recipes and use them to flavor your soup broths. This way, you can make homemade stock practically for free.
Stewart suggests putting your vegetable scraps in a food processor and pulsing them with fresh aromatics, like garlic, ginger, or bay leaves. Then, cook it in water and strain.