Martha Stewart attending Seth Rogen & Martha Stewart In Conversation With Dr. Heather Berlin at 92nd Street Y on February 29, 2020 in New York City
Martha Stewart Has A Simple Rule For Drinking Wine
Martha Stewart's approach to drinking wine is all about precision. She abides by a strict rule of only indulging in a glass or two of wine with dinner, and not before.
Stewart believes that wine, a source of pleasure, should not interfere with productivity. She told The Cut that she never drinks before dinner, saying she "couldn't function."
This aligns with her philosophy of balanced living, where every indulgence is savored and not done in excess. "I don't drink a lot," she told The Cut, "But I love good wine."
However, Stewart does taste wine regularly to make decisions for her own wine brand, the Martha Stewart Wine Collection. Every bottle has to meet her discerning criteria.