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Marinate Cheese In Pickle Juice To Give It A Tasty Zing
An increasing number of foods have become popular to pickle at home, including carrots, jalapeños, and even mangoes, cherries, and potatoes. Surprisingly, cheese can also benefit from marinating in pickle juice, which is an excellent way to create a more interesting and varied charcuterie board or snack spread.
Soft white cheeses like mozzarella, gouda, and feta absorb the salty and tangy flavor of pickle brine most effectively. To marinate the cheese, simply drop it into a jar of pickle juice along with any other herbs, spices, or flavorings you like, then let your cheese soak up the brine in the fridge and remove it right before serving.
You can eat the finished cheese on its own, spread it on bread or crackers, or make it a part of a charcuterie board. You can also throw it in a salad or sandwich, or use it to top a burger as a hybrid of cheese and pickles — as long as you like the tangy taste of pickles, you'll find plenty of uses for this deliciously salty, sour snack.