Pomodoro meat sauce in a pot with a wooden spoon
Marinara Sauce Vs. Pomodoro: What's The Distinction?
Although they have similar ingredients, with just a few changes in technique and assembly, classic Pomodoro and marinara become different sauces.
Pomodoro has a rich tomato flavor, amplified by its aromatic additions and smooth consistency. Its thick texture sticks to pasta and can be used as a base to make other sauces.
Marinara is chunkier with bright herbal flavors from basil, oregano, and red pepper flakes. Its thinner consistency allows for more additions and bolder taste variations.
The preparation of the two sauces is similar. Both are made with either fresh or canned tomatoes, slowly simmering in olive oil with aromatics.
Marinara is often used as a dip, commonly served with fried mozzarella sticks, while pomodoro is sometimes used for pizza as its thicker consistency makes the pie less soggy pie.
There is no incorrect application of using Pomodoro or marinara. Both sauces have great flexibility on the full spectrum of pasta dishes.