Corn pone muffins on a plate on the table fresh baked and ready to eat
Mantecadas Are The Simple Mexican Muffins To Include In Your Baking Routine
Mantecadas are a type of small muffin that uses only a few ingredients. They have an extra-crispy exterior with a soft interior thanks to a fat-based dough and their smaller size.
These treats originated in Northern Spain. The original version, made with butter and hailing from the city of Astorga, is under an officially protected denomination of origin.
Mantecadas spread to Mexico during a period of European colonization. In the New World of North America, butter was once less common, so a version made with lard was invented.
Mantecadas rely on quick-rising dough made with baking powder, often combined with yeast. The dough is enriched with milk and egg, and a bit of buttermilk can add extra tang.
The dry and wet ingredients are mixed separately and then combined. The muffins are usually baked at upwards of 400 degrees Fahrenheit for around 30 minutes.
Mantecadas' staple ingredients are granulated sugar, all-purpose flour, whole milk, and eggs. Though typically made with lard, some opt to use butter, vegetable oil, or shortening.
You can use butter, oil, or shortening in place of lard. Bakers across Mexico flavor the muffins with vanilla, orange, or spices, or they sprinkle sugar on top before baking.