Whipped cream in a container
Malted Milk Powder Is The Secret To Elevating Whipped Cream
Full of heavy cream and sugar, whipped cream is a simple and near-perfect recipe, but malted milk powder is the extra ingredient that can elevate it to the most delicious heights.
A blend of barley flour, wheat flour, and evaporated milk, malted milk powder brings a toasted, nutty complement while enhancing dairy richness when added to whipped cream.
Furthermore, the starchy flours bring a textural heft that makes creamy desserts even creamier. Malted milk powder is available at most grocers in vanilla and chocolate flavors.
Add a spoonful of malted milk into a cup of cream and whip it into stiff peaks. The suggested ratio may vary, so add the powder a teaspoon at a time and taste as you go.
You can add sugar for a sweeter flavor or even liqueur or extracts as an additional flavoring agent. For small batches, a hand emulsifier is the best appliance to use.