nasi lemak with banana wrap and boiled egg
Malaysia's National Dish, Nasi Lemak, Makes For A Hearty Breakfast
Nasi lemak, Malaysia's national dish, consists of coconut rice topped with a medley of fresh and prepared ingredients such as anchovies, sambal, cucumbers, and more.
The dish's most fundamental component is the rice, prepared in pandan leaf alongside coconut milk. Other traditional toppings include boiled eggs and nuts — especially peanuts.
Perhaps most importantly, it's garnished with a unique rendition of spicy sambal. Many eateries serve alongside a signature dish, like fried chicken or a spoonful of sambal sotong.
Nasi lemak originated in the western part of the Malay peninsula and was first noted in print in 1909. By the 1970s, it was established as a ubiquitous street food.