Chicken quesadillas on a plate
Making Quesadillas In The Microwave Couldn't Get Any Simpler
Microwaving a quesadilla makes for a quick and convenient meal with easy cleanup. While it lacks the typical crispy edges, it's a small trade-off for a tasty, hassle-free dinner.
Layer fillings like deli meats, shredded chicken, cooked ground beef, and/or salsa with lots of shredded cheese on top of a tortilla.
Instead of folding it, microwave it flat like a pizza until the cheese is gooey and the filling is hot. Then fold it in half, slice, and enjoy a delicious, melty treat.
Lighter fillings like veggies or sauces should heat up at the same rate as the tortilla and cheese, but for heavier add-ins like meat, pre-cook or microwave them before use.
This speedy method gives you time to prep fillings like sweet potatoes, beans, and bell peppers. You can also add pickled jalapeños or avocados just before folding the tortilla.