Beef taco with lettuce, tomato and cheese in a hard shell
Make Your Own Hard Taco Shells With Just A Tortilla And A Glass
Ditch the store-bought taco shells and instead craft your own crispy, golden, hard taco shells right at home using only a microwave-safe glass and some tortillas.
Start with your favorite small flour or corn tortillas. Find a standard microwave-safe water glass and place the tortilla inside so that the sides are wrapped against the glass.
For larger tortillas, fold them in half before putting them in the glass. Microwave the tortilla in the glass for about 30 seconds, making sure not to overcook them.
After microwaving, remove the tortilla from the hot glass. You'll find that it has transformed into a hard taco shell, perfect for loading up with your favorite taco fillings.
You can also use this technique to craft your very own taco salad shells. Instead of folding the tortilla, drape it over the rim of a wide-mouth glass, forming a bowl-like shape.
Just be sure to keep the edges of the tortilla in place with kitchen twine while microwaving, and serve them immediately after adding fillings to avoid them getting soggy.