Limeade with lime slice and peel
Make Your Own Fresh Limeade With An Easy Method
Limeade is the ultimate summer drink and is easy to make, but you can take it a step further. A simple method to make delicious and customizable limeade is maceration.
Maceration is a hands-off fruit infusion method with two forms of execution. You can either let the fruit sit in a liquid like citrus juice or alcohol, or coat the fruit in sugar.
Both forms of maceration involve cutting or breaking the fruit down and letting it sit for extended periods for optimal flavor infusion.
For limeade, use both types of maceration by sugaring pieces of lime peel and marinating them in lime juice. The sugar draws out citrus oil, which dissolves in the lime juice.
It takes time, but the process doesn’t take much effort compared to making limeade the old-fashioned way. You can leave the limes macerating for a few hours and go about your day.
After the sugar and lime peel integrate with the lime juice, add water and strain the mixture into a pitcher or receptacle. The limeade will last up to a week in the fridge.