A plate of fluffy biscuits
Make Your Mornings Easier With 2-Ingredient Drop Biscuits
If you want low-effort but high-quality biscuits, look no further than two ingredients — self-rising flour and heavy cream — to prepare a delicious batch of drop biscuits.
Heavy cream acts in place of milk and butter, adding moisture and fat to the dough and bringing biscuits together structurally, while self-rising flour allows the dough to rise.
Mix about two cups of self-rising flour with one and a half cups of heavy cream and set the oven to somewhere between 450 and 500 degrees F, depending on the exact recipe.
As the oven preheats, roll out and shape the biscuits as you normally would. They'll then need about 12 minutes to cook, making the recipe as easy to finish as it is to start.
Be sure not to over-knead your dough. Rather, work your ingredients lightly until they've just come together, then enjoy the biscuits with your favorite toppings.