A roasted chicken and lemons on a table
Make Use Of Roast Chicken Pan Drippings For Elevated Croutons
When chicken roasts, its fats and juices collect at the bottom of the pan. These are called leftover pan drippings, which you can use to make next-level homemade croutons.
Instead of making your croutons after the chicken is done roasting, simply add bits of oiled bread to the pan, place the roasting chicken on top, and roast it all together.
This method not only saves you time and effort but allows the croutons to directly absorb the juices. In contrast, the croutons around the chicken will be crisp and caramelized.
Feel free to use any bread variety you’d like; you can even repurpose stale bread. Just remember not to make your croutons too small as this will increase the risk of burning.