Meatballs with Pizzaiola Tomato Sauce
Make Unbeatable Meatballs Using French Onion Soup Mix
French onion soup mix, with its toasty onion and beef hints, is the best way to pack a huge amount of flavor into your favorite meatball recipe for an unbeatable result.
The mix is a natural fit for beef meatballs because of the concentrated beef broth it contains. You can also use it to amp up the flavor of other types of ground meat.
A 1-ounce pack of French onion soup mix will season two pounds of ground meat. If your recipe calls for other seasonings, taste a bit of the mixture first before adding salt.
To do that, pinch off a bit of your meat mixture and microwave it for a minute to taste the finished flavor. If you're satisfied with the result, roll the mixture into meatballs.
Next, cook the meatballs per the recipe. The meat's juice will hydrate the onions during the cooking process, so you won't need to add any additional liquid.