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Make Spanish Tortilla In Half The Time With This Potato Swap
A Spanish tortilla — also known as a Spanish omelet, tortilla Española, or tortilla de patata — is a delicious dish of potatoes bound with eggs into a frittata-like omelet with a creamy center. While this dish is simple, it does require a bit of time to peel and chop the potatoes, so try this shortcut if you want a tortilla ASAP.
Swapping fresh potatoes with leftover fries or frozen fries will save you a lot of time when making Spanish tortillas. To cook with leftover fries from the fridge, throw them into a warmed pan with sautéed onions, pour your eggs mixed with seasonings over the top, let the omelet set, and flip it over once the egg is mostly cooked.
As for frozen fries, cook them in the oven with a bit of olive oil until hot and crisp, then mix the fries with more olive oil, add eggs, and fry in a skillet as normal. If you're afraid of flipping your tortilla, The Takeout recommends simply putting your near-finished omelet in the oven to finish cooking, so long as your pan is oven-safe.