Glazed pork belly burnt ends in a bowl
Make Pork Belly Burnt Ends Extra Sweet And Sticky With A Proper Glaze
Cooked properly, pork belly is tender and succulent. By adding a glaze, you can complement the meat's rich, savory flavors and smoky undertone.
The glaze's sweet notes coat the meat's exterior in a tantalizing vibrancy that contrasts the interior's deep, grilled taste. It also creates a luscious, sticky gloss.
Since pork belly burnt ends are a true BBQ dish at the core, you can make a glaze with quintessential BBQ condiments, like Worcestershire sauce, mustard, liquid smoke, and more.
Make a balsamic reduction if you're particularly fond of a darkly sweet, deeply tangy combo. If it's decadence you're after, try something with an edge, like a maple bourbon glaze.