French fries potato wedges in recycled kraft paper bag  on wooden old background. Fast food. Closeup.
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Make Easy Potato Wedges With A Kitchen Tool You Might Already Own
Cutting potatoes into perfectly uniform wedges can be difficult, but one quick and simple solution that ensures evenly-shaped wedges every time is to use an apple slicer.
To cut potatoes this way, place an apple slicer at the top end of your potato, make sure it's centered, and press down. This works best with potatoes that are small to medium size.
If your potatoes are large, cut them in half before segmenting them with the slicer, just to ensure that the whole potato fits and you can slice it easily without hurting yourself.
You can then toss the wedges on a baking sheet, top with olive oil and seasoning, and roast them. Don't waste the potato centers either, and cook them along with the wedges.