Stacked donuts with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles
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Make Donuts In A Flash With This Freezer Staple
Donuts are a tasty treat that you might get a craving for once in a while, but cooking them at home can be daunting, from making a dough from scratch to the messy deep-frying. Luckily, there's a shortcut you can use so that all you have to deal with is the frying process, and all it takes is an ingredient you can easily find at the store.
Pre-made puff pastry dough is a convenient ingredient that is often used for cookies, strudels, and pies, but it also works great for donuts. Simply cut donut shapes out a sheet of puff pastry and fry them in hot vegetable oil, and if you're using frozen pastry, make sure to thoroughly thaw it to prevent splattering when it hits the hot oil.
Cook the donuts for a few minutes on each side until they are golden brown and puffed up, then take them out and allow them to drain on a paper towel-lined plate. Once the donuts cool down (and you must be patient), you can toss them in powdered or cinnamon sugar, or top them with your favorite frosting for a true donut shop experience.