Cranberry sauce in white ceramic dish with ingredients for cooking on blue wooden table top view and vertical.
Make Cranberry Sauce In Your Slow Cooker And Refrain From Watching The Pot
The key to making delicious, perfectly simmered cranberry sauce is your trusty slow cooker. It may take a while, but it's simple to make, and you can leave it largely unattended.
When making cranberry sauce in a slow cooker, you don't need to worry about the usual steps. This means you don't have to watch a boiling pot or regulate its temperature.
For this method, simply dump fresh or frozen cranberries into your slow cooker along with some other ingredients. All it will require is an occasional peek and stir.
Technically, this method requires four hours of cooking, which is much longer than standard stovetop times of about 15 minutes. Just set an hourly alarm for stirring the sauce.
This way, you will be free to focus on other meal components while the sauce sits and thickens. Luckily, many cranberry sauce recipes easily convert to the slow-cooker method.