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Make Cooking Brunch Easier Than Ever By Water-Basting Your Fried Eggs
As simple as frying an egg seems, there are ways to really perfect the texture and appearance, which is something you may want to consider when preparing eggs for brunch. An overcooked, rubbery fried egg can ruin an entire dish, but you can prevent such an occurrence by water-basting.
If you're familiar with steaming, water-basting is a very similar concept that involves cooking the top of the fried egg by splashing hot water on it. Water-basting is essentially a method of rehydrating whatever you're cooking using liquids or fats and makes your over-easy eggs picture perfect.
All you have to do is fry your eggs in a lightly oiled pan over medium heat and then add a splash of water to the pan, which you continually spoon over the top of your egg. The added water sets the top of your egg without overcooking it, and it even adds moisture to the egg, which tends to become rubbery once heat is involved.