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Make Celery Feel Like An Exciting Snack With A Snappy Salt Cure
While celery is essential to forming bases for soups and stews, it doesn't have as many applications on its own. However, there is a way to make it good enough to eat by itself.
One celery hack will both preserve it for longer and give it a flavorful edge: a process called salt-curing. The celery is brined in a salty solution for a great boost in flavor.
To make salt-cured celery, dissolve one part salt in ten parts water, add celery to the brine, and put it in the fridge for 15 minutes for crisp, salty, delicious veggie stalks.
Chef Kristen York, a fan of this technique, tells Food & Wine of the cured celery, “I wouldn’t store it more than a week or two, but technically they could probably last longer.”
The quick-pickled celery stalks make a stellar addition to anything that needs a fresh, salty crunch. The celery can even be used the same way as pickled onions or radishes.