BBQ sauce in bowl with brush on top
Make Bottled BBQ Much Tastier With Three Easy Ingredients
Store-bought barbecue sauces tend to be one-note. To give the sauce unique flavors and thicken it up, add some honey, molasses, and maple syrup.
Molasses isn't nearly as sweet as maple syrup and honey with its caramelized taste and smoky notes. It will add an extra complexity that many bottled sauces are lacking.
Honey can add its own depth as well, as long as you opt for higher-quality products. The best raw honey brands have a lot more herbal, floral, and even fruity notes.
Maple syrup doesn't quite capture that variety of flavors, but it can add more nutty notes. Just be sure to add these sweeteners one teaspoon at a time to avoid over-sweetening.