Spoon of coffee grounds on top of coffee beans
Make An Easy Saccharum With Used Coffee Grounds
In a few steps, you can turn used coffee grounds into a coffee saccharum that can be used similarly to coffee extract by giving a flavorful boost to boozy caffeinated beverages.
For this technique, finely ground coffee is ideal because it allows the flavors to come out easier. You can also try it with any grounds you might have, even used K-cups.
Start with as many grounds in your machine or any amount you want to deal with. Use equal parts freshly-used coffee grounds and granulated white sugar.
Combine the grounds and sugar in a bowl until mixed well, then add one part of brewed coffee to make a simple syrup, or add a neutral alcohol like vodka to make it boozy.
The final step is to strain it with a paper filter — be patient because it might take some time — and the liquid that's left is your homemade coffee saccharum.