Jar of grape molasses, grape syrup. Sweetener, cough medicine. Black, green and purple grapes on kitchen table.
Make An Easy Molasses Substitute With 2 Simple Ingredients
Molasses is a great ingredient when baking, but if you don't have any, you can create an easy molasses alternative with hot water and dark brown sugar.
Combining these two items using a one-to-three ratio of liquid to sweetener will produce the perfect substitute for a cup of molasses.
You can also use light brown sugar, but the taste won't be as intense. Brown sugar tends to be sweeter than molasses, so you may need to use a little less.
One important thing to note is this substitute won't work for some recipes that specifically call for molasses, such as gingerbread or molasses cookies.
Demerara or muscovado sugar won't work in place of brown sugar, as no molasses has been added to either of these, and they won't give you the same taste.