Roasted portobello mushrooms in baking dish
Make A Rich Vegetarian French Dip With Portobello Mushrooms And Shiitake Jus
Vegetarians who are craving a French dip sandwich are in luck, as mushrooms make a perfect plant-based alternative that doesn't skimp on the meaty flavor and texture.
Portobello mushrooms act as the sandwich’s filling, while shiitake mushrooms flavor the jus dipping sauce. Caramelized onions, garlic, and provolone finish off the sandwich.
Portobellos work well as a beef substitute because of their meaty texture and robust flavor, but you can use other mushrooms like cremini, white button, king oyster, or shiitake.
Clean and slice your mushrooms and then sautee them until caramelized and golden brown. Once finished, use the same pan to start your jus with butter and garlic.
Deglaze the pan with dry white wine or vegetable stock, and add dried shiitake mushrooms. You can serve it as is, or remove the mushrooms and blend the sauce first.